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The Cat's Meow

How many times have you started a painting only to loose interest, get distracted, or put it away and forget about it? I've done this many times and most of my students have too. It is a common problem.

Recently, I came across this painting of a Cheetah. I could just picture a beginning artist excited to tackle a new project. Moved by the potential of what this painting could look like, I took it home. Little by little I worked on it. I added contrasting background, dimensions, adjusted proportions, and made it come alive.

The original painting

Background darkened to create contrast

Corrected proportions and features.

Almost done. Stay tuned for the completed painting!

If you have an art project that you would like to finish, I can help you. I help new students grow from where they are at to where they would like to be. For more information contact me at

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