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5 ways to preserve oil palette paints

One of the reasons that we adore oil paints is that they dry relatively slowly therefore, we can blend, correct, push paint around the canvas for days. Oil paint dries from top surface down, this is why a dry skin forms on the paints resting on your palette and is still pliable paint underneath To preserve the fluidity of your paint on your palette there are several things you can do. Keeping your palette as air tight as you can by wrapping it in plastic wrap is one way. Be sure to press around each little pile so you can isolate paint from the air. Many people put their paint in the freezer. Yes, you can do that but unless you have a freezer that is exclusively for paints my suggestion is DON'T. The reason being, is that paints can be made of very toxic materials this then circulates in the freezer contaminating food. My favorite way to prolong the life of my paint is to add oils to my paint. The oils that originally make up the paint, linseed, walnut, safflower, etc. are excellent oils to mix in with your paint. You can use spike oil (lavender), poppy seed oil, and clove oil and many others. My favorite is clove oil...the smell is divine!

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