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Pushing Up Daisy's

Are your artistic talents drying up and starving? If you crave creativity and your 9-5 job doesn't provide a positive outlet to express yourself, I have the answer. I'm trained in C.P.R., Create Positive Results! You'd be amazed at the tranquil peace and joy that flows through your body when a paint brush becomes an extension of your fingers.

Creativity needs to be nourished and fed regularly. I hold beginning, intermediate and advanced oil painting classes every Tuesday and Thursday. Come learn the basics at your pace with personal instruction. Even Picasso mastered his skill under the watchful eye if his instructor. Imagine what you can do with a little encouragement!

New classes are starting soon and seats are limited. Come see why this art instructor thinks it's never to late to dream. Call for more information at 208-243-7715.

Sheila Art Studio

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